Hi my dear fashionista!My name is Sonja Kovač. I am an actress from Croatia. Acting and fashion are my two biggest love. But there is a third love also – travel is a way of life for me, that is how and where I am finding my inspiration for life and love.

A lot of my friends and fans are asking me every day what I’m wearing, where I’m buying all my clothes, how was on my trip here or there!?
They always thought that would be the right thing for me to have some kind of diary where I can share with them all my secrets that I have learnt during the years spent with a best makeup artist, hair stylist, photographers and designers while working as an actress.
Back then I wasn’t interested, and I felt that I don’t have anything to say and share. But then when I grew up a little bit, I became more mature, and I realised that I do have something to say and share with others. I have started posting some of the outfits on my Instagram and it was really good feedback. Now I finally decided to do this for real as I think it could be fun to share my lifestyle with you guys, and believe me; fashion must be fun.

For me, fashion is play. A puzzle that I’m playing with every day. That is how I built my style, and it’s growing and changing every day. It won’t stay the same, just like isn’t the same anymore compared with few years before. It’s a hugely different, that is one of the reasons why I put the title “time machine” where I will place some older outfits from the past times. It will be funny to compare how we have changed over the years as our style too.

This blog will not be only about me, I will also share some thoughts about people who inspired me and how their style affect me under “inspiration” title.
I’m so thrilled for the “trends” that’s something that I’m doing for myself for few years, and now I finally can share that with all my dear fashionista! Research and sum up all fashion trends of the seasons and then with my own touch try to bring those trends from runways and magazines to the hot streets 🙂

The whole point of this style blog is not to be intrusive. I’m not an expert; this is just my way how I love fashion, just a simple lookbook with my own style. How I live, how I travel, where I’m finding my inspiration, how it look’s when I give it my own touch to the fashion trends and build some outfits on my own.
It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what really matters is how big imagination you have! Your style is something in your life without rules – so why not play whit it!

My dear fashionista, I kindly invite you to step into my fashion world and feel a whiff of style..