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LA… it was two months ago, and it was my first time ever in the city of angels.
I can say – it was the best weeks of my life!
Not because of LA itself. The city is not that impressive to me. Of course, there were some of the most beautiful neighborhoods I ever saw but it’s too crowded, too much time spent in traffic. It’s a huge city with a lot of homeless people who like LA because of the good weather during the whole year.
But still it was the best time ever.
It’s when you have a good feeling, when you know you are there for a reason, and you know you belong there.
I was there for a reason. I attended New York Film Academy acting for film classes.
Yes, now you understand it all! As an actress, it was my dream to go there for years. And then it finally happened.
It was one of the best experiences of my life. Professors and colleagues that I have met are priceless. I love their intense mode and work ethic. We were on campus from morning till night. With other student filmmakers, we were filming student films on the sets at Universal Studios.
I also met a wonderful family there, who made me feel so welcome and protected. Their love was unbelievable! I think I never said more “thank you” in my life, but I need to do it one more time cause time spent with them was unforgettable.
Thank you guys for everything! <3
I will never forget the feeling I had in LA, and I want to go back for sure..



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