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Festive time couldn’t start better!
When Estee Lauder invited me to their Christmas events in London I was so happy because I haven’t been in London for few years and also never during the festive season. Of course, my main reason for the excitement was working with such a big company as Estee Lauder for the first time and meet new people during events.

We were staying at the famous luxury hotel – Savoy, in the heart of London. The whole organization of all events was pure perfection! I never saw in any event that everything is so perfectly organized. One big congratulation and also thank you to the girls from an organisation, they did a fantastic job!

There were around 15 of us bloggers from all around the world and when I met them I realized how privileged we are to be there surrounded by all luxury and good company. We probably did something good this year to be treated so well. Estee Lauder thank you one more time for best Christmas presents – new friendships!

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Whoever saw my InstaStoryes of Estee Lauder venue from Ritz Hotel, said that was something most beautiful ever! And it was! It was absolutely magical! All in red color, so festive with big Christmas tree. Music, food and that room where we had lunch oooh and that most amazing decorated table. I don’t know how to describe you that feeling, it’s like you got chance to get into the movie set in the castle!

It was really beautiful during the lunch, we got an opportunity to know each other better and discover all Estee Lauder travel packings with products which you can find in selected airports all around the world.
My favorite is Advanced Night Repair serum for face skin and around eyes. This became my new skincare routine. Also, I loveeee Pure Color Envy lipsticks because of their texture and beautiful colours.

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Jo Malone London was the first event, first day and it took place at Jo Malone Townhouse in center of London. Such a wonderful house, it was a complete experience to meet and explore Jo Malone brand where brand’s creative studio actually is!

It was fantastic experience discover the stories behind some of the unique ingredients in Jo Malone London’s luxury fragrances, try products on the skin and explore new Christmas collection.
I’m Jo Malone candles fan, which I bought on my travels before but for the first time I had a chance to experience their fragrances and creams! My currently favorite cologne scent is “Blackberry & Bay”.

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