Culottes were the must-have pants for s/s season, but I’ve heard from so many girls that they don’t like to wear these pants for a bunch of reasons. From “my butt looks weird in them”, “they look too much like a skirt” to “they look like pajamas” smile emoticon. I know! Culottes are tricky; there’s no doubt about it! Of course they are not like skinny jeans, easy to wear, great shape, you can mix them with whatever…you don’t even need to think about it. But why not try this trend? Just for fun and to spice up your closet and wear something different. 🙂
Let’s think for a second… Everyone thinks culottes are awkward and unflattering. I think – you still haven’t found the right ones. Yes, it takes a long time to pin the right one! But, when you do find the right pair, it will be like a whole new world to you. It happened to me! I thought that I would never wear them cause I couldn’t find a good pair for me. I was looking for a long time and just couldn’t find the right one for me. Yes, for me! Cause we are all different and have different needs. We need to know our body, what looks good on us and what doesn’t. So, when it finally happened, when I saw them, I knew that it was what I was looking for. They have exactly how I wanted them, high waist and denim! I knew they would fit perfectly, and they did! It was love at first sight. 🙂
So how can we rock this tricky trend? I would suggest listening to your body. If you are too tall or too small, try and experiment with different lengths. Shorter girls should pick a shorter one. Find the color, fabric, and shape that you prefer. Be careful with details. Sometimes patterns such as stripes or plaid can remind you of pajamas, so I prefer one color. My denim ones are perfect cause I can wear them for upcoming a/w season too. Look for a high-waist ones, for the impression of longer legs. When it comes to shoes, I would always go with heels or platforms. But that’s just me 🙂

You guys have fun finding your perfect pair of culottes cause they can be just as versatile as your skinny jeans, at-the-moment, and super chick. Let me know how do you like my outfit on the photos and the one that I pick for you ( in I wore/similar here, where you can buy similar pieces as mine ). I hope this post was hopeful for you 🙂

I wore:

SHIRT TOP – ZARA – similar here
BAG – DOLCE & GABBANA – similar here
PUMPS – DOLCE & GABBANA – similar here