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Yes, you read correctly 🙂 It was more than 110°F in Vegas this summer. It was crazy hot, I mean it was to be expected in Vegas, but this particular day was insane. The weather in Vegas is extremity hot, if you are outside, it’s hard to breathe normally, so people chill by the pool. The air is very dry- it’s a desert weather – humidity is low so you can handle it better then humid 35°C on the Croatian coast where you are sweating all the time. Oh, it’s so hard to explain weather there but this post isn’t about the weather in Vegas.
It’s a post about friendship and about all the dear people that I have met there during those few years.
I won’t name their names, but they will recognize themselves here. I Love them all so much and feel like I’m at home when I’m in Vegas. They are so supportive and always there if you need something. I’m blessed to have those people in my life.
Love you guys..

And you my dear readers enjoy these beautiful photos that my friend photographer Robert Brajovic made at 110 degrees..
Thank you, Robi 🙂



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